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Simplest pinto beans

2/23/2010 meps 0

This is what I use instead of refried beans for tacos or burritos dinners. It makes enough for two people, as long as there are plenty of tortillas and cheese and other toppings. Soak 1 […]

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Meps original

Simple Cornbread

2/4/2010 meps 0

Sandy said, surprised, “Normally, I don’t like cornbread, but I like this cornbread!” 1 C flour 1 C cornmeal 2 t baking powder 1 t salt 1/3 to 1/2 C sugar, according to your preference […]

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Cookies & Candies

Cindy’s Sugar Cookies

2/2/2010 meps 0

Our friend Cindy Johns, who is 11, is going to be a student ambassador with People to People this summer, and she’s going to Paris and London. She’s selling giant decorated cookies to help pay […]