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Quick Breads

Raisin-fennel soda bread

3/16/2011 meps 0

4 C flour 1/4 C sugar 1 t salt 1 t baking powder 1-2 T fennel seeds (can substitute caraway or cumin with very, very different results) 1/4 C butter 2 C raisins or golden […]

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Walnut-chickpea burgers

3/15/2011 meps 0

1 C chopped walnuts 1 can garbanzo beans, rinsed and drained 1/3 C bread or cracker crumbs 1-2 t garlic or seasoned salt 1 t Hungarian paprika Dash Liquid Smoke Pinch of cayenne 1 T […]

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Cookies & Candies

Gluten-free coconut-chocolate macaroons

3/14/2011 meps 0

I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but it sounds delicious. 6 T sweet rice flour 1/4 t salt 4 egg whites 1 t almond or vanilla extract 14-oz package shredded coconut 1/3 C chocolate chips […]

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Korean-style greens

3/6/2011 meps 0

1 T cooking oil 1 lb spinach or other fresh greens (chard, radish greens, kale, or mustard greens all work), washed and dried with a towel (I like to chop the stems and include them, […]

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How to eat all day long and not get fat

3/2/2011 meps 0

We recently drove from Vero Beach to Titusville, Florida with some friends we met at the marina, Don and Joan. The four of us wanted to watch the final launch of the space shuttle Discovery. […]

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Meps original

Simple tomato-banana soup

3/2/2011 meps 0

This is just about my favorite soup! It’s taken from Ecuadorian Tomato Soup with Bananas, but this version makes just two servings and uses fewer ingredients, so you can throw it together any time. 14-oz […]