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Original Brunswick Stew

11/25/2012 meps 1

At the 2012 Brunswick, Georgia “Rockin’ Stewbilee,” this was one of my two favorite stews. So imagine how excited I was when Tom Bullock, a volunteer with the hospital, sent me his recipe! You can […]

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Chocolate Pecan Pie with LOVE

11/21/2012 meps 0

This comes from my beautiful and generous friend Lisa, who refers to herself as “Your friendly neighborhood LOVE-terrorist!” Ingredients: 1 Large Bucket Filled to the Brim with LOVE!! 1 unbaked pie shell 1-1/2 C pecans […]


A Tablespoon of Happiness

11/17/2012 meps 2

“It’s the fruitcake of stew,” said the young man in a chef’s hat, stirring a gigantic pot over a propane burner. His companions from the Altamaha Technical College Culinary Arts program laughed, but they all […]

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Either-Or Oriental Chicken Salad

11/4/2012 meps 0

This is an either-or recipe. You can either use this or use that. It’s easy to make with standard things we keep on the boat, no shopping required. 1-2 C chopped cabbage (2-3 large leaves) […]