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Welcome to the recipe collection of Margaret Meps Schulte, author of Strangers Have the Best Candy, The Joyful Bear, and The Secret Society of Cats & Chickens.

For best results, look for recipes in the categories “Meps’ Favorite” or “Tried and Tested.”

Newest Recipes

  • Teen-Approved Pizza

  • Yuca con Mojo a la Meps

  • Vegan Roasted Pork

  • Dan Dan Mein in a hurry

  • Panang Curry

  • Flatbread, Moroccan Style

  • Cranberry Custard Pie

  • Agurkesalat, or Danish Pickled Cucumbers

  • Skipper Labskovs

  • Black lentils under caramelized veggies and yogurt sauce

  • Meps’ Vegan Brunswick Stew

Meps’ Favorites

  • Enchiladas

  • Szechuan green beans

  • Caponata

  • Walnut crusted chicken

  • Moqueca de Peixe (Brazilian fish stew)

  • Goldenrod Eggs

  • Peanut sauce

  • Kale Snacks

  • Sesame brown and wild rice

  • Curried chicken with apples and mango chutney

  • Ecuadorian Tomato Soup with Bananas

  • Minestrone

  • Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

  • Killer Oatmeal

  • Coffee Herbie

  • Chex (TM) Party Mix, Schulte-style

  • Mock Mincemeat Pie

  • Key Lime Pie – EZ Freezer Version


  • Schulte Sangria

  • Fideo Delicioso

  • Ian’s Butterscotch Pie

  • Apple Crunch (easy!)

  • North African Chickpea Stew