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Skipper Labskovs

6/25/2023 Meps 0

This is inspired by a pressure cooker recipe from one of my favorite writers, Lorna Sass. We’ve modified it to make it more like the Danish traditional beef and potato dish that Stig grew up […]

Pork larb

Pork Larb (cold Thai meat salad)

1/3/2020 meps 0

I’ve had the chicken version of this many times in Thai restaurants. But what inspired me to make it this time was a very dry pork roast that was left over from Thanksgiving. The new […]


Savory tapioca snacks

5/2/2018 meps 0

Based on a traditional Indonesian dish. 1/4 C water or coconut milk 1 T diced onion or garlic 1/4 t black or white pepper Large pinch of salt 1/2 C tapioca starch Bring the first […]


Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef

10/25/2017 meps 0

I haven’t used my pressure cooker for a couple of years. This recipe makes me glad we have been reunited! 2 lbs flank steak, cut into thin strips 1 T coconut oil 6 cloves garlic, […]

Salsa verde
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Salsa verde

7/1/2017 meps 0

Also known as green salsa or tomatillo salsa. 6 tomatillos, cut into 2-inch pieces 6 large sprigs of cilantro Grind up in blender. You should not need to add water, but if it is too […]

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Simple Thai Coconut Curry

1/26/2016 meps 0

This is a pattern recipe, which means you can make it a bunch of different ways, and it will always be yummy. But it also means that the instructions are a little bit vague, similar […]

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5/2 fasting diet

Zucchini-Kidney Soup with Tomatoes

2/21/2014 meps 0

This has a wonderful blend of flavors, and it’s only 600 calories for the entire pot. It’s a filling lunch or a perfect dinner for two people on a diet. 3 T bacon bits 1 […]

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Cruisers’ Pad Thai

2/5/2014 meps 0

This is a very loose approximation of Pad Thai that can be made from items that keep a long time aboard a boat with no refrigeration. 8-10 oz rice stick noodles or thin spaghetti 2 […]

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Arepas (cornflour patties)

12/8/2013 meps 0

These are native to Colombia and Venezuela. 2 C yellow masa (corn) flour 1 t salt 3 C boiling water 3 T peanut or vegetable oil Preheat the oven to 400 F. In a large […]

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Muffulata (Olive Relish)

12/6/2013 meps 0

I found this yellowed clipping in an old file with no idea where it came from. There are many spellings of the word, including “muffuletta,” “muffuleta,” and “muffaletta.” We fell in love with muffaletta sandwiches […]