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Skipper Labskovs

6/25/2023 Meps 0

This is inspired by a pressure cooker recipe from one of my favorite writers, Lorna Sass. We’ve modified it to make it more like the Danish traditional beef and potato dish that Stig grew up […]

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Frankie's Favorites

Cranberry Sauce With Mandarin Oranges

3/18/2020 meps 0

1 12-oz bag of cranberries, rinsed 11-oz can of mandarin oranges in light syrup 1/4 to 1/2 C sugar or brown sugar Drain the syrup from the oranges into a medium saucepan. Add the cranberries […]

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Magic Zikr Chai

4/23/2017 meps 0

The best chai I’ve ever tasted was made by¬†Hafizullah Sufi for his weekly classes. Here’s his original recipe. 1 cup fresh chopped ginger root 10 star anise 2 tbsp cardamom seed 1 to 1¬Ĺ tbsp […]

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Simple Thai Coconut Curry

1/26/2016 meps 0

This is a pattern recipe, which means you can make it a bunch of different ways, and it will always be yummy. But it also means that the instructions are a little bit vague, similar […]

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Creamsicle (Orange-Vanilla) Fluff

6/11/2014 meps 0

I came up with this recipe for a 1970’s-themed book club potluck. It’s very much in keeping with the “fluffy salads” of the 70’s. They were so sweet, they were actually desserts that were served […]

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Swiss Steak

12/31/2013 meps 0

A clipping from my mother’s cigar box of recipes and other paper treasures. I remember she made this very often, but until now, nobody had her recipe for it. 2 T fat 1-3/4 lb round […]

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Tuna Fish Cheese Pie

12/31/2013 meps 0

A handwritten recipe card from the collection of Esther Schulte, my mother. I have typed it exactly as she wrote it, flaws and all. 2 tlbs. oleo 4 tlbs. flour 2 C hot milk & […]

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Southern Doughnuts

12/31/2013 meps 0

I remember when my mother pulled this recipe out of her cigar box collection and made doughnuts, with little me helping. It was probably the year before I went to kindergarten, because all my brothers […]

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Meps' family

“Best Ever” Pie

12/30/2013 meps 0

I found this in my mother’s recipe collection, in a pamphlet entitled “Pecan Facts from Sunnyland Farms.” I don’t remember her making it, but evidently, she was quite taken with the recipe, as evidenced by […]

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Cookies & Candies

Easy chocolate-chip cookies

12/9/2013 meps 0

These simple cookies are made with oil instead of butter, and they come out soft and chewy. 2-1/2 C flour 1 t baking soda 1/2 t salt 1 C brown sugar, packed 1/2 C white […]