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  • How to eat all day long and not get fat

    We recently drove from Vero Beach to Titusville, Florida with some friends we met at the marina, Don and Joan. The four of us wanted to watch the final launch of the space shuttle Discovery. Joan had done her research on where to go, but with 100,000 people expected, we’d have to drive up hours…

  • Fall brunch menu



    Here’s an elegant menu to celebrate a fall birthday or anniversary: First course: Raspberry mimosas and Granola-yogurt parfaits with blueberries, blackberries, and black grapes Second course: Baked eggs and cheddar in bacon rings and Raspberry-almond monkey bread Third course: Fresh figs stuffed with sweetened Marscapone cheese and Tiny chocolates and mint leaves Coffee or tea

  • Tips for Feeding Your Friends

    January is a dark and dreary month, when you’d expect to hole up like a gopher after the Christmas party season. But wait, the party season isn’t over! As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, there’s Carnival, an excuse for nonstop parties from Epiphany to Mardi Gras. And last year, I wrote about Burns…

  • Quick menu ideas from my early days of cooking

    Main dishes: Burritoes Pappas Choreadas Chili Cuban black beans Picadillo Sausage and rice Peanut sauce over beans, rice, or steamed veggies March hare (cottage cheese and veggies with sunflower seeds) White rabbit (cottage cheese and fruit with sesame seeds or walnuts) Brown rice with spinach, raisins, and nuts Armenian vegetable stew (veggie stew with fruit…