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Campfire-roasted onions

7/3/2007 meps 0

If you’ve ever eaten a deep-fried “blooming” onion, you’ll find this to be a relatively healthy variation. You can do them in a campfire or use a charcoal barbecue. 2 large sweet onions, such as […]

Pan-seared tuna
Meps original

Pan-seared tuna

6/22/2007 meps 0

Years ago, I bought a 12-oz bottle of Floribbean Key Lime Oil at an airport on my way home from Florida. Once I got it home, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I […]

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Goombay Smash

5/2/2007 meps 2

The original Goombay Smash recipe is a secret, passed down from mother to daughter at Miss Emily’s Blue Bee bar in New Plymouth (Green Turtle Cay), Bahamas. As you can see from the photograph below, […]

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Lox Pizza

5/1/2007 meps 1

Served by Karen, of s/v Panta Rhei, at the 2007 Puget Sound Cruising Club “Horrors de Hoover” Contest in Liberty Bay, Washington. There’s a photo of Karen’s boat in the article about the contest. The […]

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Blender Sangria

3/9/2007 meps 0

This was the most beautiful course of our Valentine’s Day dinner this year. We took so long to photograph them, they sort of melted…but still tasted heavenly! 2 C red wine 2 C orange juice […]

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Mini quiches

1/20/2007 meps 0

You can make these on the weekend and then grab a couple for breakfast each day. They’re also a very elegant brunch offering, and you can easily make a vegetarian version. 1/2 C ham, diced […]

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Most Requested

Pressure Cooker Bread

8/23/2004 meps 0

This works well on boats of all sizes that don’t have an oven. 2 t sugar 1-1/2 t salt 1 T yeast 1-1/2 C water 2 C white flour 2 C whole wheat flour 2 […]

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Cookies & Candies

Cake Mix Brownies (super-easy!)

7/20/2004 meps 1

Lots of people are searching the web these days, wondering how to make brownies from a cake mix. It’s easy — although there is a lot of debate about whether they are an adequate substitute […]