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5/2 fasting diet

Miso-Ginger Consomme

10/1/2013 meps 0

2-inch piece of fresh ginger 6 C water 1/2 C white miso 4 C sliced mushrooms Optional: Fresh spinach or other greens, diced tofu 2 sliced green onions 1/2-1 t tamari Finely grate the ginger […]

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Vegetarian soups

Broccoli-Cheese Noodle Soup

9/6/2013 meps 0

3 C chopped broccoli — fresh or frozen 2 oz angel hair pasta, broken into small pieces (you can substitute tiny shells or Mexican Fideo noodles) 1/4 C butter 1 T flour 1 C water […]

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Gingered Borscht Shots

6/11/2013 meps 0

This was originally published as an easy appetizer for a summer party. You can put a couple of tablespoons into shot glasses and place them in a bowl filled with ice, like vodka shots. Or […]

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Chile-meatball soup

2/21/2013 meps 0

Meatballs 2 large poblano chiles 1 lb ground beef 1/2 C grated zucchini 1/4 C grated onion 1/4 C panko 1 large egg, beaten 2 minced garlic cloves 1 T ground cumin 1 t oregano […]

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Original Brunswick Stew

11/25/2012 meps 1

At the 2012 Brunswick, Georgia “Rockin’ Stewbilee,” this was one of my two favorite stews. So imagine how excited I was when Tom Bullock, a volunteer with the hospital, sent me his recipe! You can […]

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Meps original

Simple tomato-banana soup

3/2/2011 meps 0

This is just about my favorite soup! It’s taken from Ecuadorian Tomato Soup with Bananas, but this version makes just two servings and uses fewer ingredients, so you can throw it together any time. 14-oz […]

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Meps original

Rhubarb Carrot Soup

5/3/2010 meps 0

This is a very tangy soup, and it has a creamy texture without pureeing it. 1 bunch of green onions, chopped 1 T butter, olive oil, or a combination of the two 4 large carrots, […]

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Julie’s Corn & Chicken Chowder

3/31/2010 meps 0

1 can of Campbell’s (select) chicken corn chowder 1 can of Campbell’s regular cream of chicken 1 can of Campbell’s cream of potato 1 can of chicken OR a large chopped up chicken breast 1 […]

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Simpson family

Chicken Corn Soup

10/17/2009 meps 0

(this makes a big cold packer or stockpot full) 1 qt plus large handful chicken (the meat from 2 chickens) 8 qt corn, cut from the cob Double handful chopped hard cooked eggs Broth and […]