Frankie’s Favorites

Drawing of Frankie with Meps' coffee cup
Frank Lloyd Bear is ready for a teddy bear picnic
Frank Lloyd Bear is a teddy bear and the co-author of a book of philosophy, The Joyful Bear.  He loves to eat air. He’s a bit particular about the type of air, however. Here’s an excerpt from his book, in which he explains the importance of good air.

One of the early things I learned about my Bear was that he eats Air, and a lot of it. Frankie is a connoisseur of Air.

“Some kinds of Air are yummier than others,” he tells me.

“Which ones do you like best?” I ask him.

“I like Flower Air, and Rainy Day Air, and Fresh-Baked Bread Air… and Jelly Bean Air, and Lemon Pudding Air. There’s a lot of nice Air in this world.”

He comes over and puts his nose over my coffee cup. “Coffee Air! Yum!”

“Are there some yucky ones, too?” I ask.

“Not right now,” he says, reveling in the Air above my coffee cup.

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