Canning Ground Beef

This recipe at the bottom of this page was given to me by Aggie, a circumnavigating sailor on Honey Moon from Mooloolaba, Australia. Unfortunately, when I tried it, none of my jars sealed, and the result was several pounds of gray, unpleasant-looking meat that I had to eat immediately, because I do not have a refrigerator.

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The raw-pack instructions I tried were as follows:
Sterilize glass canning jars and lids in boiling water. Pack each one full of raw ground beef, making sure there are no air bubbles, but allowing an inch of headspace at the top. Pressure cook for 90 minutes.
My experience was that I had a terrible time getting the raw ground beef into the jars without air bubbles. When I tried to pack it down, it came back up with the spoon or knife and caused a bigger air bubble. It was also unclear how much water to put in the pressure cooker and what to do at the end of the cooking time. I just left them to come down to room temperature overnight.