Cooking with zucchini in Iraq

After posting my latest essay about zucchini and world peace, I decided to search for recipes from Iraq. Does their cuisine use zucchini? What about squash?

But there are almost no recipes on the Internet from Iraq. Not that I’d expect a lot of creative cooking to be coming from Baghdad these days, but I’d hoped that some of the expats from Iraq living around the world might share their cuisine with us.

From the looks of it, Iraqi cuisine is similar to many other Middle Eastern foods, which often use eggplant as an ingredient. I found a recipe for eggplant-wrapped meat, where you could probably substitute zucchini for eggplant. Eggplant has a stronger, more distinctive flavor than zucchini, so the result would be milder. Or you could travel the other way, to northern Africa, where the Moroccans use zucchini in their rich and wonderful cous cous dishes.