Corn on the Cob

The easiest way to cook corn on the cob:
Take an ear of corn and pop it in the microwave. Do not remove either the husk or the silk! It will be done after 5 minutes on high.

The tastiest way to cook corn on the cob:
Make a campfire and let the wood cook down to form a nice bed of coals. Take an ear of corn, leaving the husk and silk on it. Wrap it in a large piece of aluminum foil and lay it on top of the coals. If the fire is really hot, cook it for 5 minutes, then turn it over and cook it for another 5. If there’s a lot of corn, or the fire’s not super-hot, turn it twice, cooking it for three 5-minute periods. Even with the foil on it, it will be a little bit charred on the outside, which is how you know it’s done.

How to husk and eat the corn:
When the corn is cooked, it’s usually too hot to handle. If you pull back some of the husk, that will cool more quickly than the ear itself. Hold the husk in one hand, dangling the corn from it, and pull back each petal to make a husk handle. The silk will come right off.

What to put on fresh corn:
Salt. Butter. Or, if you like gilding the lily, you can serve it Mexican-style, spreading it with a mixture of mayonnaise and chili powder and squeezing wedges of lime over it.