Homemade sunscreen

Makes one small batch of unscented sunscreen, about SPF 20:

4 oz coconut oil
4 oz almond oil
1 oz emulsifying wax
2 oz powdered zinc oxide

Measure the oils and put into a large glass bowl. Weigh the zinc oxide and set aside. Weigh the wax, put it in a small glass bowl, and microwave for about a half minute to melt.

Pour the melted wax into the oils and mix well, using an electric mixer or an immersion blender. Add the zinc oxide and blend completely. Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom to get all the zinc oxide blended in. And also be careful not to inhale the zinc oxide; it’s best to wear gloves and a mask when handling it in powdered form.

You can use less zinc oxide to get a lower SPF. 1.2 oz instead of 2 oz would make about an SPF of 12.

Sources: I ordered the almond oil, wax, and zinc oxide from Camden-Grey of Doral, Florida (www.camdengrey.com). The coconut oil was LouAna brand from the grocery store.