Ice cream in a bag – a Burning Man recipe

1 can coconut milk
3 T honey
Pinch salt


1-1/2 C Parmalat (box milk)
1 small can Nestle table cream
3 T honey
Pinch salt

2 quart-sized ziplocks (new, because they must not leak)
1 gallon-sized ziplock (also new)
3/4 C rock salt

In one of the quart-sized bags, dump the ice cream ingredients. Squish them up to mix them. Place this inside a second ziplock bag and seal it.

In the gallon-sized bag, put the rock salt. Fill it about halfway with ice, then place the double-bagged ice cream inside. Seal the gallon bag and wrap it in a dish towel. Now find some good music and dance around, shaking the bag for about 10-12 minutes. You could also toss it into your bike basket and ride on the bumpiest road you can find for the same amount of time.

Open the bags, being careful not to get salt in the ice cream, and serve it out. This makes 4 tiny servings or 2 normal servings.