This Andalusian soup recipe is a real challenge to me. I’ve never seen or eaten maimones, but I ran across a mention of it on the Web. Then I went looking for a recipe in English to make it, and I could not find a single one. So here’s what I figured out so far, despite the fact that I don’t speak Spanish:

You saute up 4 cloves of garlic and a half pound of bread slices in olive oil. Then you add water and simmer it for a while, until the bread breaks down. With the soup boiling, you add an egg, but it’s unclear whether it’s a beaten egg, which would make something like Chinese egg-drop soup, or a whole egg poached on top. You can also garnish it with grapes or sausage. There also seem to be versions that include tomatoes.

I consulted with my niece, Claire LaPoma, who’s currently in Spain. Here’s what she says about the original recipe:

“I’m known to be a bit of a disaster in the kitchen….. but if I do the translating and you do the cooking we should be good to go. Your English version looks pretty right on, but there are a few small changes: Fist, remember that the recipe calls for half a kg. of bread, not half a pound (but it really shouldnt matter too much… just might be a little more garlicky with less bread to soak up the flavor). Make sure you cut the bread thinly in strips.The egg is beaten first, then dropped in the soup to cook quickly (when the soup is prepared and nearly finished simmering). It says to serve really hot….don’t burn your tongue. I tend to get really excited about soup (as it is one of my FAVE foods) and forget to let it cool down. Not so enjoyable with a stinging tongue!

For another authentic Andalusian soup recipe, see Ajoblanco.
For a non-authentic (but yummy) Andalusian soup recipe, see Andalusian Olive Soup.