Make someone happy for breakfast

In all the years I knew my good friend, Barbara deLackner, we never celebrated Easter together. We were always thousands of miles apart at Easter-time. But I knew what she was eating for breakfast.

Barbie had developed an Easter morning tradition, a special dish that her family loved and anticipated. It was called Goldenrod Eggs, and guess what? It used up a bunch of colorful hard-boiled eggs!

With a flock of chickens in the yard, you’d think that’s where the eggs would come from. But Barbie never hard-boiled her own eggs, because they were too fresh. They couldn’t be peeled; they’d have to sit in the fridge for six weeks before boiling them. Doesn’t that make you wonder how old your grocery store eggs are? And where they’ve been sitting?

So, despite a surfeit of fresh eggs, Barbie had to buy a few dozen at Easter-time, in order to make Goldenrod Eggs.

One day, when it wasn’t Easter, Barbie decided to get some store-bought eggs and make Goldenrod Eggs. Lucky me! I was the recipient of that beautiful, tasty breakfast.

Nowadays, I like to make them for Barry once in a while, even when it’s not Easter. Because everybody deserves something beautiful on their plate, first thing in the morning.