Nora’s Secret Meatballs

For the whole story on this one, see Nora’s Secret Horror d’Hoover Recipe. The text below is copied verbatim from her comment on the above article.

Nora's Secret Meatballs
Nora's Secret Meatballs

“O.K., O.K., here is the award winning family secret recipe. I had to wait until I was sure that my name was engraved on the plaque so that the honor could not be taken away once the simplicity of the recipe was known.

*One bag frozen meatballs. Yes, that’s right, I said frozen. Ikea makes the best. I used Safeway.
*One jar (medium) grape jelly
*One jar chili sauce
*Chili powder to taste.
Simmer all ingredients together in private, throw the jars away and enjoy.”