Original Brunswick Stew

At the 2012 Brunswick, Georgia “Rockin’ Stewbilee,” this was one of my two favorite stews. So imagine how excited I was when Tom Bullock, a volunteer with the hospital, sent me his recipe! You can read about Tom and the Stewbilee in my article about Happy Stew.

Makes 1.8 gallons

1-1/4 lbs beef
1-1/4 lbs pork
1-1/4 lbs chicken

6 oz chicken broth
1/2 lb onions
1/2 lb sausage

The following canned vegetables should not be drained:
15 oz can diced potatoes
38 oz canned diced tomatoes
15 oz can cream corn
15 oz can whole kernel corn
15 oz can small lima beans
15 oz can small peas

4 oz liquid smoke
1/4 oz cayenne pepper
1/4 oz black pepper
6 oz lemon juice
6 oz Worcestershire sauce
4 oz seasoned salt
1/4 t salt

Cook diced onions and sausage in chicken broth and vegetable liquid until onions are very tender. Add meat and tomatoes cook until warm. Add vegetables and seasoning. Season to taste. Cook until very hot. Let sit overnight.


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