Pizza on a boat barbecue

Eleven years ago, I clipped an article by Nonnie Thompson out of Cruising World magazine, entitled A Passion for Pizza. The author, who cruised with her family aboard a Shannon ketch named Bittersweet, admitted that in the Caribbean, their cruising budget didn’t allow pizza. Since it was too hot to make pizza down below, she developed this recipe for the propane grill. I made it aboard Cayenne, and it got rave reviews.

1 package dry yeast
Pinch of sugar
1 C warm water
1 t olive oil
2 t salt
1/4 C cornmeal
3 to 3-1/2 C flour

Dissolve yeast and sugar in warm water, let stand five minutes. Stir in oil, salt, and cornmeal and gradually add flour to form a stiff dough. Knead in the bowl for several minutes. Cover bowl with a towel and let rest for 20 to 30 minutes (use this time to prepare the toppings).

Punch dough down lightly and divide into four pieces. Oil the back of a baking sheet and shape pizzas on oiled surface (press hard with fingertips, use more flour as needed). With a spatula, slide shaped dough onto preheated grill, one at a time. When browned on one side (five to seven minutes), remove and place toppings on the grilled side. Return, uncooked side down, to the grill and cook three to five minutes to melt toppings. Serve as individual pizzas, or cut into wedges and share.

Suggested toppings:

  • Mashed black beans, guacamole, local cheese, salsa
  • Pizza sauce, sauteed onions and garlic, gouda
  • Fresh tomatoes, basil and canned Danish brie
  • Grilled sliced eggplant, olives, oregano, local cheese
  • Use the toppings for Chicken Ranch Pizza
  • Just brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt — makes a great flat bread to serve with any meal