1 lb 2 oz psinach
1/2 C dill
6 green onions
1 1/2 C olive oil
salt & pepper
Saute onions until transparent, add shredded spinach. Cook 15 minutes over mideium heat, add dill, salt, and pepper.
Pastry: 1 lb 2 oz flour, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup butter, 1 C warm water, salt.
Put flour in bowl, add eggs, melted butter, salt, and as much warm water as needed to make a pliable dough. Divide into 6 or 8 thin sheets. Line an oiled pan with a pastry sheet, brush with butter and repeat with 2 or 3 more sheets. Spread filling on top and cover with 3-4 more layers of butter pastry. Bake in med. oven 45 miutes. Serve warm or cold (cut while warm).