Don Roberto’s Spanish Coffee

I have watched this made over a dozen times by my friend, Don Roberto (aka Rob Jablonski), and I never tire of his dramatic presentation. The problem is that I could never remember the recipe for more than about 3 seconds. I guess when I drink one, I wipe out all the brain cells normally used to remember the steps.

Finally, I captured the entire process on video. I’m currently editing the raw footage and will someday upload the results.

Don Roberto's famous Spanish Coffee

Rim a glass with sugar and cinnamon. Pour in one shot of Grand Marnier and light it. Turn the glass so that the flame slightly melts the sugar on the rim. To put out the flame, set a saucer on top of the glass (the flame will go out without oxygen). Add one shot of Cointreau and one of Kahlua. Drop in a maraschino cherry and fill the glass with coffee. Top with plenty of whipped cream.