The History of our Recipes

Browsing our website, you might wonder where all these hundreds of recipes came from. I have always been an incorrigible recipe-clipper. Show me two or three recipes in the Sunday paper, and I’ll invariably need to clip one of them. Over the years, I had compiled hundreds of little clippings in a set of hanging file folders.

My mother-in-law, Sharon, is the same way. Her collection spans many more decades than mine and has a lot more little clippings.

As far back as 1988, I e-mailed her, asking for a particular recipe. When she e-mailed it back, I copied it into a file. That file grew…and grew… and grew. Somehow, I found time to type in many of my favorites from the hanging folders. I combed my Expeditors e-mail for messages from Betsy and Denise and Cecily. I got recipes from my sister, Julie, and from the Internet.

When people started asking for copies of the 300-page Word document I knew I was on to something. That’s when Barry put it all into a database, and here it is.

We haven’t tried every single one of these, but I’ve tried to identify the ones we have tried. I’ve also highlighted some favorites, and where some of these came from. You can click on a category, or browse the list, or search for a word. Happy cooking, and dirty a few pots and pans for me!