Turkey Cheese Pie (Julie’s Version)

This was my sister’s attempt to re-create an old family favorite. A few years after she shared this, I found a copy of the original Turkey Cheese Pie recipe.

3 onions
1-1/4 cup turkey pieces
1 cup milk 2 cups grated cheddar cheese
salt pepper
pie crust
3 eggs
any other veggies you might want to add!

Preheat oven to 350. Cut onion into think slices. Cook the onions
in Shortening (I forgot the shortening in the list above!!!) until
they are soft (not brown).

Heat milk until a film forms on the top. Beat eggs until they are
bubbly (woops, I forgot the eggs in the above list, too. 3 eggs)
Stir milk, salt, pepper and cheese into eggs. (The cheese will melt
as it hits the hot milk. I think that’s why you heat the milk).

Place turkey over the bottom of the pie crust. Pour egg mixture over
everything. Bake 30 minutes.

Note from Julie:

I usually double this and make two(2) pies. I only use 5 eggs
(instead of the 3 doubled to make 6) and 1 3/4 cups milk instead of
2 cups. Last time I made it it was perfect this way!!

This is so yummy. And when I mentioned it to a few friends last night,
they said, oh boy, you can add carrots and mushrooms and other
vegetables. I never thought of that before, but I bet it would be