Cuban/Key West fritters, similar to Brazilian Acaraje. Pronounced “BOY-oes.”

1 lb black eye peas
1 t salt
3 cloves garlic
2 bird peppers (small extremely hot peppers)

Soak beans overnight and in the morning, slip off their skins. Then grind with the garlic until almost a paste. Add salt and bird peppers. Beat until it’s the consistency of a cake batter. Drop from a teaspoon into deep hot fat.


2 responses to “Bollos”

  1. bob Avatar

    I used to stuff these down by the dozen when I was a
    kid and lived in Key West. The’re great.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Me too.

    There was a lady that sold them down by the Aquarium in the mid-seventies.
    I visited in 2000, the stand was still there. Maybe her daughter running
    it now.